Soothing Emulsion


This thin emulsion, lightly tinted with a redness neutralizing color, relieves skin irritation and brings instant comfort to the skin. The low preservative formula is fortified with a botanical complex to reduce irritation while decongesting the skin and visibly decreasing flushing; an osmotic agent to prevent breakouts; and Ceramides to strengthen the skin’s healing ability.

Skin Conditions
Recommended for delicate and sensitive skin prone to flare-ups and irritation, including problematic skin. Also appropriate for all skin that is strained by cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion, chemical peels, etc.

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– The botanical complex reduces inflammation while decongesting the skin and visibly decreasing flushing.
– An osmotic agent minimizes the use of preservatives and prevents the breakouts that often accompany such weakened skin conditions.
– Ceramides strengthen the skin’s ability to heal. This emulsion is tinted with a light, “redness-neutralizing” green color to enhance the instant results.

How To Use

Apply the emulsion every morning and/or night, avoiding the eye area. During periods of stressed skin or skin reactivity combine it with Intensive Anti-Redness Serum applied first.


3% Biophytex™: botanical complex fighting against COUPEROSE, this synergistic complex combining five plants extracts and a yeast extract efficiently helps control the problematic skin it minimizes: ERYTHROSIS (red blotches) and TELANGIECTASIA (dilated blood capillaries – spider veins).


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