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We constantly challenge ourselves to offer wellness solutions and respond to the customer needs. While we are recognized for quality services and standards, we encompass programs by focusing on wellness, healing, health, fitness, and beauty from the inside out.


The power of thoughts, feelings, and intentions shape what you believe in, creating your “good” and “bad” experiences that, in turn, can cause diseases in your body as well as negative patterns and problems in every day life. Holographic Healing helps shift these beliefs, which results in the body healing itself, changes in unhealthy patterns, and your consciousness expanding. Life Coaching is included in each session to mentor you to live more confidently.


Reiki is the Japanese art of healing based on the idea that life energy flows through all living things. Reiki techniques assist your body in creating an environment to facilitate healing, and connect with your own life energy to heal and help yourself. Life Coaching is included in each session to further empower you to manage stress and find balance.


Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works through the application of a focused massage on the nerve endings of the feet, encouraging the body to heal itself. This specific type of massage promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, and aims to restore and encourages the body’s natural ability to heal. This often leads to improved sleep, better moods, more energy, improved digestion, balanced hormones, and ultimately, stress relief.


A client-focused treatment, Energy’s Healing Massage is a fusion of traditional healing methods that have been passed on from generation to generation. This bespoke massage is used to revive the energies of your soul and relieves the aches of the body.


Instead of looking at and treating health problems as isolated diseases, functional medicine treats individuals by combining conventional medicine with an integrative, holistic approach to optimize the person’s health care and treatments of health issues. It is patient-centered medical healing at its best.

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FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE with Dr. SumithraRate is based on your individualized
HEALING MASSAGE with VUi90 minutes for RM230
HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING with Mary Slane90 minutes for RM280
10 sessions for RM2550
REFLEXOLOGY with Muna Winder60 minutes for RM215
REIKI with Mary Slane90 minutes for RM230
10 sessions for RM2100

Life Coaching is included in every session of alternative therapy with the corresponding practitioner. However, should you seek a focused guidance to better manage and improve your personal and professional life. explore sessions of Life Coaching with Anna Kaster.

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