24H Total Pure Serum


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Fabric: 47% Cotton, 25% Viscose, 21% Nylon, 7% Cashmere Wool

Size and Fit: Loose fit, True to size

Details: Crew neck, Crop sleeves, Longer front and back

Care: Machine wash, Iron low

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Weight .30 g

Unclogs the pores and prevents future clogging caused by excess sebum and dead cell debris
Refines pores and reduces existing acne marks
Calms and reduces redness associated with acne


Initially, use the serum only in the PM for one week in order to acclimatize the skin.

After this initial period, the serum should be applied in the AM and PM.

To maximize the results, it should be used in combination with the 24H Total-Matte Solution; the serum should always be applied prior to the solution.

When applying the serum be sure to avoid the eye and the lip areas.


EXFOLIATING COMPLEX: Comprised of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and green papaya extract, this complex unclogs pores, reduces blackheads and minimizes scars and/or acne marks.

LIPASE: This enzyme regulates sebum viscosity, to ensure its flow, and controls sebum degradation which leads to clogged pores and/or whiteheads.

BACTERIOSTATIC COMPLEX: Comprised of hexamidine and mint leaf extracts, this complex counteracts bacterial proliferation associated with acne and inflammatory states.

ANTI-REDNESS COMPLEX: Glycyrrhizinic acid and zinc, key ingredients in the complex, decrease irritation and signs of discomfort, keeping the skin balanced and under control.